May 13, 2011

I just accidentally published the app instructions!!!!

I have really neglected my own blog for so long. The image above really sums up my negligence! I have not even finished my initial Japan trip, and now I have just recently been back from my 3rd trip almost 3 months ago.

Just some updates. Have gotten my iPad for almost a week now. Am currently updating thus blog on my iPad using this app called Blogsy. it’s pretty intuitive so far. Real late now, will update again on whether it’s worth the $2.99 for it’s introductory phase or not.

But I must say that being able to write in the silence of the night in bed is pretty awesome!



  1. When my partner got his iPad, I wasn’t sold on their merits. Day by day, though, I find myself eyeing his iPad and thinkign, that is mighty handy at bedtime!

    That procrastination image is awesome.

    • Yea, it sort of grows on you and then you realize “how did I do all these before?”. Leaning back on the bed and typing out your thoughts feels much more natural than sitting at the computer desk.

      Ps. Yea, that image tagline pretty much sums it up!

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